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Intubation Catheter

Disposal Tracheotomy Tube

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● Tracheotomy tube is applicable to patients with tracheotomy.
● Ultra thin-wall balloon minimizes the damage to trachea's mucosa in kinds of anesthesia and mechanical ventilation process.
● The tracheotomy tube is made of high-elasticity medical materials. It can automatically form under body temperature to adjust to the form of trachea.
● Soft, two-wings and flexible 15mm standard joint provide comfort and safety to patients.
● X-ray non-penetrating line makes catheter placement and displacement easier.
● Bending tip with smooth catheter stylet makes catheter inserting and placement smoother.
Models Sizes O.D
KB-A003-02 I.D 3.5 4.8mm
KB-A003-03 I.D 4.0 5.4mm
KB-A003-04 I.D 4.5 6.0mm
KB-A003-05 I.D 5.0 6.6mm
KB-A003-06 I.D 5.5 7.3mm
KB-A003-07 I.D 6.0 8.0mm
KB-A003-08 I.D 6.5 8.7mm
KB-A003-09 I.D 7.0 9.4mm
KB-A003-10 I.D 7.5 10.1mm
KB-A003-11 I.D 8.0 10.8mm
KB-A003-12 I.D 8.5 11.5mm
KB-A003-13 I.D 9.0 12.2mm
KB-A003-14 I.D 9.5 12.9mm
KB-A003-15 I.D 10.0 13.6mm
KB-A003-16 I.D 3.0 4.2mm