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Intubation Catheter

Disposal Tracheal Catheter (Reinforced)

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● Reinforced tracheal catheter is specially designed to the operations of the disease with not straight spinal cord.
● Reinforced catheter can prevent catheter stylet from twist when patients' necks extend and flex.
● The improved large-diameter/low internal temperature cuff, and the increasing distance between cuffs can meet the needs of nasal tube.
● Bright, soft and smooth internal surface of catheter wall can reduce the friction in suction catheter and others.
● Inclined, smooth and carefully-casted no-damage end can reduce the possibility of tracheal damage.
● the clean marks around the catheters above cuff help correct the position of tracheal catherter.
● Mouth and nose integration is applicable to orotracheal and nasotracheal intubation.
● It is only for single patient for reducing the risk of cross infection.
Models Sizes O.D
KB-A045-06 I.D 5.0 7.0mm
KB-A045-07 I.D 5.5 7.7mm
KB-A045-08 I.D 6.5 9.0mm
KB-A045-09 I.D 7.0 9.7mm
KB-A045-10 I.D 7.5 10.3mm
KB-A045-11 I.D 8.0 10.9mm
KB-A045-12 I.D 8.5 11.4mm
KB-A045-13 I.D 9.0 12.1mm