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Intubation Catheter
Disposable Tracheal Catheter Kit

Fixed Bite Bamboo-type Connector Seaming Disposal tracheal catheter (Reinforced) Disposal tracheal catheter …MORE

Disposal Tracheotomy Tube

● Tracheotomy tube is applicable to patients with tracheotomy. ● Ultra thin-wall balloon minimizes the …MORE

Disposal Tracheal Catheter (Reinforced)

● Reinforced tracheal catheter is specially designed to the operations of the disease with not straight s …MORE

Disposal Tracheal Cathrter

● Clear atomization anti-twist conduit materials are easy for observation of exhaled air. ● Carefully-c …MORE

Disposal Tracheobronchial Cannula(double-lumen)

● It is applicable to thoracic operation or one-lung independence of critical patients, bronchial cannula …MORE

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